So this 14th project is done:

and the word are:
ΑΝΟΙΞΗ - Spring


So let's see my  choises:
(WIPS and new plans for this summer):

1. Nimue: Le Gigue du Champignon (WIP)
The original pic:

and where I am now:

not exactly cross stitch - it's backstitched

2. Nimue - Elfée de l'hiver (WIP):
The original pic:
and where I am now:

3. Lanarte - Autumn Geisha (WIP)
The original pic:

and where I am now:

4. Nimue - L'horloge (WIP)
The original pic:

and where I am now:

5. Nimue - Pomme (WIP)
The original pic:

and where I am now:

6. Nimue - Claire de lune (New Start) - started couple of days before
The original pic:

and where I am now (only a few stitches done - lol) :

7. Mirabilia - The Midsummer's Night Fairy (WIP)
The original pic:

and where I am now:

8. - 9. - 10. NEW Plans:
8. Lanarte: Pandas

need to prepare the fabric (dyeing, etc.)

9. Blackbird Design: Spell of the moon

10. Blackbird Design: Without a mouse

9-10. Need to prepare everything - fabric, flosses... maybe will stitch with my own flosses...

11. Save the Stitches (WIP)
The original picture:

And where am I now:

I love this designs, absolutely gorgeous.. X stitch variegated with blackwork, metallic flosses and beads... Yammie...

12. Janlynn - Christmas Cross Stitch (NEW START)
(you can never start early enough preparation for the holidays)

13. Isabelle Vautier - Reve du Hindou (WIP)
The original picture:

and where am I now:

14. Patricia Ann Design - Spring Forget Me Nots - Summer Strawberries - Autumn Acorns - Winter Holly (WIP)
The original pics:


and where I am now:

15. A bit something else - it's a gobelin - tapestry:
VIA gobelin: SÜSÜ

Süsü was a hungarian puppet film serial in the '80's (when I was kid) - Süsü - in English cca. Doofy <but he isn't a doofy - only his name>- was a dragon, who was disfellowshipped from his family because having only one head... Süsü went in the city, in a medieval city of course, and had met with the Wandering Prince, and they had a lot of loveable adventures, with the Wandering Prince, his latter wife and family... I loved it lot...

It's very hard to translate the Theme lyrics in English (someday maybe I try it) - but trust me - it's very funny and adorable :) My childhood come back when I see this...

So here am I.
I was born in 1981 in Budapest. So now I am 33 (almost 34). I grew up in Érd, in a small town in the neighbourhood of Bp.
I grew up with my family (mother, father and a big brother).
When I was child, my mother tried to teach me (and my brother) to knit, but I didn't have the talent of it. The knit stitches was okay, but the purle stitches... Ouawhhhh.
So I tried rather another embroidery - the gobelin. My first pic was VUK, a little fox from a hungarian animation film. This:
After that I stitched nothing for years.
In december 2004 when I broke up my relationship with my ex-bf, I moved to house, I had so much time and I tried to make some gobelins. My mom bought for me a magazine, called Keresztszemes magazin (Cross stitch Magazine), a hungarian magazine. So I've started to stitching crosses and crosses... :)
I live now with my family too (mother, father, boyfriend and a dog <a little beagle, named Bogi - it's a she :) >- my brother moved already) and stitching is a very important part of my life.

But I also love to read (Stephen King, Robert Merle, Jeffrey Archer, The Harry Potter books, Agatha Christie, Magda Szabó - a hungarian author, unfortunately she is dead already, etc.)
I love to travel (especially in Greece),
I love to learn foreign languages (in high school I learned German and French, but I'm learning Greek now, and some English too - but sorry, my Enlish isn't very good).
I love watching series (Desperate Housewives, Suits, ER, Columbo, all the Poirot films etc.)
I love so much the music - I love almost everything (dance, hip-hop, trance, rock, rap, etc.) - but my favorites are: Madonna, Depeche Mode, Björk, Manga (a Turkish band), Nikos Oikonomopoulos (a Greek singer), Giorgos Sampanis (also a Greek singer), Faithless, The Prodigy.
And most of all, I love to be with my boyfriend. The truth is, he is not only my boyfriend, we are "married". Here in Hungary is not called married between two guys, it's called registrated partnership, but it's official too, we said "I do" in the town hall in a front of an official registrar... - so we are "married" a bit :)

In cross stitch I love the following designers: Mirabilia and Nora Corbett, Nimue, Blackbird Designs, The Drawn Thread, Mill Hill, Kreinik, Victoria Sampler, Michael Powell, Sisters & Co., Bent Creek,